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6th Grader Hosts Ice Cream Party at Prairie View Assisted Living

Local student earned money to pay for supplies to host dessert party for residents. Jordyn Roscoe, a 6th grader at Winnebago Middle School was participating in a Passion Project.  This program was started by two Winnebago Middle school teachers,  Ty True, who teaches Math & Social Studies and Candis Michaud who teaches Social Studies. This

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Transitioning to Assisted Living: 4 Tips for a Smooth Move

At Prairie View Assisted Living, we understand that moving yourself or a loved one to Assisted Living or Short-Term care is not an easy decision. It’s a one that brings with it a great deal of uncertainty and in some cases, emotions of anger or nervousness. Any apprehension on behalf of yourself or your loved ones is

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4 Ways Seniors Can Fight Winter Joint Pain

As you get older, you might notice that daily activities and small things like the weather begin to affect your joint function. For most adults, these minor pains or moments of discomfort will disappear shortly after they begin and it’s nothing more than a minor inconvenience. Unfortunately for senior citizens, cold weather can aggravate or

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