Prairie View Assisted Living Community provides quality assisted living for older adults. In our assisted living community, we provide an environment where personal needs are met and personal space is respected. Your health, safety, and comfort are our top priorities. We provide personalized care plans designed to meet your requirements. Our well-trained staff is always there to help you. Call us at 815-335-1800 or visit us at 500 E McNair Road today.
Our assisted living service would be helpful for many who are currently residing in a more restricted environment; it may also serve to eliminate the need for a nursing home altogether. At Prairie View Assisted Living Community, you can expect a warm and private atmosphere, pleasant surroundings, companionship, delicious and healthy food, personal security, and caring staff members.
Watch this video to see what life at our community is like!


What Do You Like Best About Prairie View Assisted Living?
From the Residents:
• Fellowship with others
• Going out, adventure
• Staff is friendly*
• Protection, do all things for me.
• Very open, friendly, things to do
• As nice as a place could be
• I love everything; very happy
• Like it all, happy here.
• Quiet, peaceful
• Happy here.
• Like crafts and Bible study
• Variety of activities
• Privacy, all good.
• The accommodations and staff are great.
• Friendly
• People, administration and upkeep.
• Everything, love it all.

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