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Keeping Cool with Swimming This Summer

Wondering how to keep cool this summer as a senior? We have the perfect solution for you! Swimming. Not only does it beat the heat, but it has a variety of great health benefits. In this blog post, we will review the biggest advantages to jumping in the pool this summer! Heart Health Swimming laps

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Elderly parent and daughter work on jigsaw puzzle

How to Feel at Home After A Move to Assisted Living

Making the decision to move to an assisted living community can feel overwhelming for your parent or loved one. Like any big change in life, moving into a new home, apartment or in this case assisted living is a big adjustment. It isn’t uncommon for the children to feel overwhelmed as well with tasks of

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Helping Aging Parents

What to Do When an Aging Parent Won’t Accept Help

If you wait for the day an elderly parent or loved one comes to you for help, you may be waiting forever. A tough reality that we all must face when making the decision to explore professional help. However, an additional layer of stress some children or caregivers face is when their parent rejects help

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How Do I Pay for Assisted Living?

With all of the emotional and physical considerations associated with making the move into an assisted living facility, a factor that often gets lost in the shuffle is the financial. Taking a good, comprehensive look into the options available for payment ahead of the move is the best way to not get caught off guard

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Top 5 Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

As you age, it’s important to remember that your body operates differently than it used to. Whether it’s physical changes due to age, medications, or health conditions, the body moves differently. Prairie View Assisted Living of Winnebago has put together a Top 5 list to keep you moving safely!  Prairie View’s Top 5 Take Your

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6th Grader Hosts Ice Cream Party at Prairie View Assisted Living

Local student earned money to pay for supplies to host dessert party for residents. Jordyn Roscoe, a 6th grader at Winnebago Middle School was participating in a Passion Project.  This program was started by two Winnebago Middle school teachers,  Ty True, who teaches Math & Social Studies and Candis Michaud who teaches Social Studies. This

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Transitioning to Assisted Living: 4 Tips for a Smooth Move

At Prairie View Assisted Living, we understand that moving yourself or a loved one to Assisted Living or Short-Term care is not an easy decision. It’s a one that brings with it a great deal of uncertainty and in some cases, emotions of anger or nervousness. Any apprehension on behalf of yourself or your loved ones is

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