Let’s Meet Our Residents

Take a glimpse inside our community and learn more about the wonderful residents that makes Prairie View a great place to live!


Ron loves that his family comes to visit and he can go out with his family🤩 his favorite meal is breaded shrimp and cheerios 🍤🥣 and his favorite color is pink🌸🐷


Rosemary likes to get her hair done✂️ she also likes to relax and socialize with the staff🤩 her favorite meals are anything with fish🍤🐟 and her favorite color is blue🦋💙


Margaret loves that we can finally gather for all 3 meals🙌🏻 her favorite meal that is served at Prairie View is spaghetti and chocolate ice cream for dessert🍝🍨 and her favorite color is green🍀💚